[b-hebrew] Isaiah 55:5

Herman Meester crazymulgogi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 15:54:32 EDT 2006

2006/4/4, Jerry Shepherd <jerry.shepherd at taylor-edu.ca>:
> (1) Watts, in his commentary in the Word series, (Isaiah 34-66, pp. 241, 246; I don't have access to the 2d edition) says that the last word in Isa 55:5 has a 2fs suffix.  My older Logos version, as well as Accordance (a student checked for me) have it as 2fs also.  However, if I am reading Jouon-Muraoka correctly (§61i, [vol. 1, p. 173]), it is identified there as 2ms.  It seems more likely to me that this latter is correct and that the suffix is simply in pause.  Anything I am missing?

No, you're not; if the three preceding suffixes are masculine, why
would the fourth be feminine? The fact that Logos has it as 2fs too, I
think, is because software doesn't think ;)

Herman Meester, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

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