[b-hebrew] Flying or Darting in Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6

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What makes you think that they were rare? Could it 
be that sighting such creatures was then so common 
that it did not merit special mention?

Grant you that today such sightings are rare, but 
in http://www.s8ing.com one of the pages mentions 
that less than 200 years ago in Wales a flock of 
pterosaurs was known in a certain area and sighting 
them was common. In fact it was reported that they 
were killed off by people because they were such 
nuisances to the local farmers. So why not also in 
other parts of the world, such as ANE?

I notice that in my original response I was not 
clear, but I meant pterosaurs too.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Pterosaurs huh?  Based on the text and context I would disagree.  
> Something as unusual as pterosaurs would, I think, be remarked upon 
> by the author of Isaiah.  I would expect that if a pterosaur were 
> seen in the ANE, it would be an unusual event.  Some much so that 
> the author would draw attention to it in some way.  Yet the text 
> betrays no special concern with these flying serpents, they appear 
> nothing more than a metaphor for something dangerous and venomous, 
> something to be avoided but not unusal.
> --
> Jack Tladatsi

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