[b-hebrew] Flying or Darting in Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6

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Mon Apr 3 21:37:15 EDT 2006


Do you mean flying as in a snake the coils up and propells itself through the air by means of a rapid uncoiling (like a spring) the way Bothrochilus boa does (Bismark ringed python)?   These pythons can leap quite some distance with the entire body leaving the ground.

Do you mean one of the gliding snakes that leaps from a tree, flattens itself to form air foil and then glides parachutes like Chrysopelea paradisi (paradise tree snake) of that genus?  They can move quite some distance completely in the air.  However, these are small snakes and only found in SE Asia.

There are of course many snakes that lunge violently, creating the image or impression of flying.  Certain the asp and cobra do that.  There are plenty of those in the Levant.

Or did you mean something else?-
Jack Tladatsi

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