[b-hebrew] Flying or Darting in Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6

Ben Crick ben.crick at argonet.co.uk
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On Sat  1 Apr 2006 (21:32:06), tladatsi at charter.net wrote:
> In Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6 the phrase "sharaf mez'wfef" is used.  It is
> frequently translated as "flying snake".  I guess flying is derived
> from the root 'wf.  Flying snakes are not normal to say the least.  So
> if the author intended the phrase to refer to an self-propelled
> airborne (winged?) snake, it would certainly be something unusual.  
> However there is nothing in the context to suggest anything out of the
> ordinary about these snakes.  The NIV translates the phrases as
> darting, I suppose a reference to the tounge of the snake (which flys
> out of the mouth of the snake).

 The reference is probably to Moses' rod which became a snake, and consumed
 the rods/snakes of the Egyptian magicians (Exodus 4:2-3, 7:10-12).
 "He that smote Philistia" was David, the founder of the Davidic line of
 which Ahaz was the latest scion, until his death (verse 28). Any rejoicing
 at this by Philistia would be premature. The LORD's power resided in the
 fallen rod, which would become a darting viper and a flying serpent again
 in the hands of "Immanuel", even if Hezekiah and his successors down to
 Zedekiah as puppet kings presented no threat.

 Moses' rod, like a Field Marshal's baton, represented the power of God
 in his hand. This rod had the power to dry up the Red Sea, bring water
 out of the rock, etc. The death of Moses, or of David, or of David's
 successor Ahaz, would not break the power of God through his appointed

> Any thoughts?

 My thoughts...

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