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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Tue Sep 20 12:45:02 EDT 2005

I received this email and pass it along as a matter of ethics

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I have been in contact with several people who are part of the B-Greek 
discussions on the web.    Baker Book House along with other publishers 
(Zondervan, Eerdmans, Thomas Nelson, Moody, IVP, and others.) through 
our organization ECPA are aware of the copyright protected material 
appearing on www.biblecentre.net.   We attempted working with Mr. Andrew 
Amue of London, England, to take our material off his website.   At one 
point we hired a legal firm in London.  Mr. Amue then pulled some of the 
material off his site.  We noticed earlier this spring that all the 
material was again illegally posted on www.biblecentre.net in addition 
to new material.    Our intention is that our copyright protected 
material be removed from www.biblecentre.net, and we will work to that end.

This email is to notify you that the majority of material from US 
publishers posted on www.biblecentre.net is in fact posted without our 
authorization and is considered infringement against our authors’ 
copyright protected materials.

We greatly appreciate your efforts on the behalf of our authors and our 
publishing companies.

Marilyn Gordon

Subsidiary Rights Manager

Baker Publishing Group / Baker Academic * Baker Books * Bethany House 
Publishers * Brazos Press * Chosen Books * Fleming H. Revell

6030 East Fulton Street

Ada, MI  49301

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