[b-hebrew] Masoretic vocalization of the name

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The Aleppo Codex, if I remember correctly, does have the holam over the he.
So the Leningrad's spelling the Tetragrammaton without it, picked up by BHS,
seems to be unique.


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> I do not know, whether in manuscripts before 1100 CE the Tetragrammaton
> was pointed with only two vowels, but in any case it was pronounced
> "Adonay" according to the Talmud:
> "[In] this world [His name] is written with a yod he and read as alef
> daleth; but in the future world it shall all be one: it shall be written
> with yod he and read as yod he." (TB Pesahim 50 a).
> The form with two vowels, which was read Shema (Aramaic), was found in
> the Targum (usually not under the Tetragrammaton but under two yods
> alone). According to Rudolf Meyer (/Hebräische Grammatik/, par. 17.2),
> the form with only two vowels which appears in ms. L is a later form,
> which is to be read also Shema.
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> Kelton Graham wrote:
> >Has anyone ever heard of these?  Out of curiosity, I came across this one
day.  Anyone ever heard of this guy, Gertoux?
> >
> >"The word Yahowah has never been used in any Bibles. The (fanciful)
grammatical pattern which involves a change a to e has never existed. In
actual fact, before 1100 CE , the Tetragram has been pointed with only the
two vowels e, a of the Aramaic word Shema which means "The Name".The vowel o
appeared, after 1100 CE , owing to the influence of the reading of the word
> >
> >http://gertoux.online.fr/divinename/faq/A05.htm
> >
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