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B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
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Hi Harold,

I'm not sure if you saw an earlier post of mine on the subject.  I am 
wondering if v. 15's _ha`ibriyyot_ may *not* be an adjective.  Maybe 
it's the absolute in a construct chain.  If so, the midwives are "the 
midwives *of* the Hebrews," and v. 16 makes perfect sense, "when you aid 
   the Hebrew women..."

I guess I kind of blew it in my first post.  I didn't want to prejudice 
anyone, so I posed the question with minimal explanation.  Now I think I 
should have explained some of the supports for an untraditional reading.


Harold R. Holmyard III wrote:

> HH: Then let's go back to the gentilic. The same word (BRY that 
> modifies Shiprah and Puah in verse 15 describes the women who are 
> giving birth in verse 16. If it refers to the Hebrew women in verse 
> 16, why wouldn't it refer to Hebrew women in verse 15?

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