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Mon Oct 31 21:02:26 EST 2005

Hi Harold,

Harold R. Holmyard III wrote:
> Dear Bryan,
>>What do you all think of the possibility that the midwives of Exo 1:15
>>were Egyptians rather that Hebrews?
> HH: The fact this it is said of them twice that they feared God helps 
> convince me that they were Hebrews, who had knowledge of the living 
> God.

The funny thing is, to me, the double reference to these midwives 
fearing God is all the more reason to think they were *not* Hebrews.  I 
ask myself why the narrator would "over-mention" their fearing God if 
they were Hebrews (for whom it would be less remarkable to fear God). 
On the other hand it would be particularly relevant to over-mention 
their fearing God if it *is* especially remarkable for some reason like 
that they are Egyptians.

Other non-Hebrews feared God such as the mariners in Jonah or Abrahm's 
friend Abimelek in Gen.  You might also consider Ruth or even Cornelius.

Don't think I am determined to make these women Egyptians.  I am merely 
more vigorously defending the less-proposed idea.


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