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The impression I got from the article you linked to, which I 
downloaded and read, was that his certainty level was 
pretty high. He was so certain that he made audio files of 
Greek pronunciation which he claimed represents certain 
time periods.

He also admitted that the article was short and gave only 
a brief overview of the data, not a detailed study, and in 
the detailed studies he may have admitted to greater 
uncertainty than a brief overview had room for.

At the very least, he claimed a much greater confidence 
than what the evidence admitted to warrants.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> On 30/10/2005 18:42, Karl Randolph wrote:
> > ... how can we claim, as Randall Buth claims, that we can know 
> > exactly how ancient people pronounced their languages? ...
> >
> >
> Has Randall Buth claimed this? From what I remember he recognised 
> that there was significant uncertainty, but that his version 
> represents the most probable reconstruction based on the limited 
> available evidence.
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