[b-hebrew] Ayin and Ghayin

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Sun Oct 30 20:16:19 EST 2005

Karl Randolf wrote:
> Except the "o" from women is pronounced as "ou" in 
> would or should, there's no fish there. Maybe in your 
> dialect it is so pronounced, but not the way I was taught.
I have heard a lot of Americans and Canadians nad Brits, and never heard 
anything but "wimen" for "women" (pl.) - but hav heard "oul" as in "should" 
for "woman" (sing.). Although, the "ti" would result in the word "fishah".
[Cf. Read, James C.:
>How do you pronounce this?:


>Take the 'gh' from rough the 'ti' from education and the 'o' from women 
>and it comes out as fish.
For what it was worth,
Travis Jackson

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