[b-hebrew] Lev 21:18 ? XRM & Arabic

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Sun Oct 30 01:53:24 EST 2005

Karl & Peter

The meaning in Arabic does not necessarily contradict what 
I believe.  Moving from the core (1) of the lexical domain 
to the periphery (6) would like this:

1 [mundane cut-slit-mutilate-dismember] 

2 [ritual-cutting-dismemberment]+ [burning] 

3 [dismemberment + burning] = ritual destruction

4 [ritual destruction = irrevocably sacrificed to Yahweh]

5 [sacrifice = sacrificed object separated from man, 

6 [metaphorical sacrifice = ritual of destruction without 
physical destruction]

So, in the more peripheral uses of the lexeme, there is 
indeed a sense of irreversible separation ? man from 
sacrificed object.  That separation may in some cases (e.g. 
goats) would involve actual dismemberment while the gold 
that is sacrificed and given irrevocably to God is in no 
way physically cut or dismembered in any way, only 
metaphorically.  The lexeme includes a very narrow physical 
meaning ( 1 ? 2), a religious / ritual meaning (3 ? 4), and 
a broad, general meaning of separation of an object from 
man to be given irreversibly to God with or without any 
actual cutting or mutilation (5 ? 6).  The Arabic might 
only include 5-6.

Jack Tladatsi

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