[b-hebrew] Ayin and Ghayin

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Fri Oct 28 19:57:09 EDT 2005

>Do I need to go back to linguistics 101? Apparently so. In 
>English there are three words, "two", "too" and "to". All 
>three have exactly the same pronunciation. If they were 
>spelled phonetically, they would be given the same 

Actually, 'two' and 'too' have the same phonetics but 'to' is 
most often different.
Pronounse out loud these examples:

I'm going to be late
He went to the pub
Let's drink to friendship

I'm sure you'll agree that the vowel in 'to' is usually a schewa unless 
we want to emaphsize it in order to clarify a misunderstanding

e.g. 'I said "He went *to* the shop" not "*from* the shop"'

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