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yep, looks like a qal passive participle alright.  Yeah the qibbuts is replacing the shureq as you thought. Another good example is Duet 1:15 WLYDU`IYM, 2 Kings 5:1 WN:&U` PANIYM.  1 Kings 1:49 looks like one as well.
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> In Lev 21:18 there is a list of men who may not approach 
> Yahweh. One of them is XRM with a qamets beneath the X and 
> a qibbuts beneath the R (let us say - kharum). Is this the 
> qal masculine singular passive participle of XRM? Are the 
> quibbuts and the shureq interchangeable for the qal 
> passive participle? Are there other cases where this is 
> so? 
> Jack Tladatsi 
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