[b-hebrew] true truth, was Yom in Biblical and Rabbinic Texts

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Thu Oct 27 11:39:55 EDT 2005


Even if you include all the Oral Torah as part of God's 
revelation, it still does not teach exhaustive truth.

Even for a past event, in this case the creation, Torah 
does not report all the details of the creation, the 
incredible and irreduceable complexity of all life, the 
Krebs cycle within the cells, the organelles which are still 
"black boxes" where, in spite of the efforts of researchers, 
they still don't know what goes on in them, and so forth. 
All life is to reproduce "after its own kind" but it doesn't 
explain the actions of the DNA, nor the other bio-chemical 
machinery that regulates such replication, nor does it 
even define what a "kind" is and how it differs from 

In short, while the text clearly teaches that God created the 
universe, and that within six literal days, it leaves out most 
of the details. Hence true truth, but not exhaustive truth.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Shoshanna Walker" <rosewalk at concentric.net>
> Actually it does, but the written Torah is only part of the Torah -
> all of it together, teaches exhaustive truth.
> Shoshanna
> Francis Schaeffer probably had the best answer, in his
> claim that while the Bible teaches true truth, it does not
> teach exhaustive truth.
> A modern example, I can say "the car went down the
> road." While that is true, it does not say how fast, who
> drove it, whether it is a steam, electric or gas car, what
> color it is, and any number of other truths about the car
> going down the road.

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