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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Oct 24 06:52:06 EDT 2005

On 23/10/2005 16:54, Dr. Joel M. Hoffman wrote:

>> ...
>I don't make that assumption at all, and, in fact, that's the
>viewpoint I'm arguing *against*.  I assume that the Tiberian forms *do
>not* capture the more ancient forms.  It is others on this list who
>think that they do.
>I pointed out that the evidence from the LXX is in general
>inconclusive, but it *does not* support the view that the Tiberian
>forms correctly capture the ancient Biblical sounds of Hebrew.
>I'm actually shocked that people do believe that the Tiberian forms
>(which, we have seen, do not match the LXX forms or the other
>Masoretic forms) reflect pronunciation from 1,000 years earlier.
In case you think that this is something I have said, I have not. I have 
simply stated that as far as I can see LXX does not provide evidence 
against this possibility. You admit that "I assume that the Tiberian 
forms *do not* capture the more ancient forms." You are probably right 
because languages change over 1000+ years, but I am asking you not to 
simply assume this, but to present some evidence for it - and I don't 
think that evidence is in LXX, at least certainly not in a conclusive 
way; for I agree with you that:

>... the most likely
>is that the LXX does such a poor job recording transliterations that
>we should not draw any conclusions from it. ...

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