[b-hebrew] Human Sacrifice - 2 Sam 21

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On 22/10/2005 16:43, Karl Randolph wrote:


I think you are actually replying to me.

>Not all uses of XRM in Hebrew deal with destruction. Not 
>even always referring to  that which is to be destroyed. For 
>example, the gold, silver and bronze from Jericho were 
>XRM in Joshua 6, to be brought to the temple treasury, not 
>destroyed. ...

But in Muslim tradition something which is haram will never be brought 
into a holy place like a mosque, it is forbidden because it is 
disgusting and unclean. That is the huge difference from the gold etc 
brought into the temple treasury. Arabic haram is more like Hebrew  טמא 
+M) t-m-' or שׁקץ $QC sh-q-ts, as in Leviticus 11:4,12.

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