[b-hebrew] Human Sacrifice - 2 Sam 21

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Fri Oct 21 19:03:02 EDT 2005

On 21/10/2005 23:30, Yard, John wrote:

>It makes one wonder if a food like pork is 
>XRM because it is dedicated exclusively to
>the deity, like the women in the harem are
>forbidden to outsiders because they are dedicated to the lord...
An interesting question. But it seems clear that the Muslim food laws 
have a common origin with the Jewish food laws, or maybe are simply 
derived from them - despite the difference that Muslims are allowed to 
eat camel meat. But in Hebrew the root XRM is never used of food laws. 
Also it is clear in the Hebrew Bible, and I think in Muslim teaching, 
that forbidden foods are unclean and detestable, rather than being too 
holy to be eaten. So it seems more probable that it is just the meaning 
of the word has changed, not also the meaning of the food laws.

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