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If you asking about the semantic domain of XRM, it must 
understood within the context of how sacrifice occurs.  The 
offering is dismembered and burnt.  The offering is killed 
(MWT), mutilated, and nothing is left.  The core concept of 
this domain is destruction.  The borders of this domain 
include destruction for sacrifice and destruction for 
military reasons (as occurs frequently in Joshua, Judges, 
and 1st Samuel) or destruction for other reasons (Isa 

However, if you interested in the concept of human 
sacrifice outside of the lexical domain of XRM, you can 
look at 2 Sam 21.  This is clearest example of human 
sacrifice I can think of.  Briefly, Yahweh brings a 
terrible famine upon Israel for three years.  When David 
asks Yahweh why and Yahweh replies that it is on account of 
Saul?s (who is dead by this time) attempted genocide of the 
Gibeonites.  David turns over seven male descendents (sons 
and grandsons) to the Gibeonites who kill (MWT) them.  God 
finds this action satisfactory and ends the famine (hmlk 
vy?tr ?lhym l?rts ?xry kn - Elohim answering the prayers of 
the kng for the land after that)

Jack Tladatsi

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