[b-hebrew] Leviral marriage

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 18:08:20 EDT 2005


Your reasoning was very followable up until this point.

>David's half dozen doesn't raise any moral qualms except the acquistion
>of Bathsheba. But even here Nathan the Prophet was not sent
>to David until after Uriah was dead. If God had sent Nathan after David
>had shagged Bathsheba he (God) could have saved Uriah's life.

Are you suggesting that Yah was only upset with David for having Uriah 
bumped off and not for the original doing the dirty on him with his wife?

This would seem to contradict the context as Nathan tells a story about 
a man with many who steals from a man with only one. This would seem to 
indicate that Uriah's objective was to make David understand the gravity 
of his mistake regarding the stealing of Uriah's wife. Plus the greater 
context of the law and more specifically of the ten words shows that 
Yah had expressed quite clearly that taking another man's wife was an
immoral act.

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