[b-hebrew] Initial "Beged Kefet" consonants always have a...

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman joel at exc.com
Wed Oct 19 09:22:09 EDT 2005

>>Those interersted in the LXX might be interested in Sturtevant's _The
>>Pronunciation of Greek and Latin_, which I've added to my reading
>>   http://www.exc.com/JoelHoffman/ReadingList.html
>>It reviews the evidence about the pronunciation of Greek (and Latin),
>>though without the benefit of modern linguistics.
>Those interested in the LXX might be better served by reading a book 
>which is not nearly 40 years old and which does have the benefit of 
>modern linguistics, and of much evidence e.g. in papyri which has been 
>uncovered relatively recently.

Do you have a suggestion?

Sturtevant's book isn't about the LXX, it's about ancient Greek and
Latin in general.  People on this list have made claims about Greek
pronunciation, about plosives, etc.  Sturtevant's book goes through
all the evidence.

-Joel M. Hoffman

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