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Frank Polak frankha at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Oct 17 07:46:32 EDT 2005

Dear All,
Greek transcriptions of Hebrew in the LXX have been studied long ago by 
Speiser and
One has to take into account that Greek plosives may differ from the 
Hebrew and Aramaic plosives (which also are not necessarily identical, 
think of Dutch and German).
In any case, Syriac has a special notation for the Greek >pi<, 
differentiated from Syriac Pe/fe by a
dot <above but to the left of P/Fe, which are recognizable  by dot 
above and under the graph respectively
(Brockelmann, Syrische Grammatik § 10). Hence Greek/Semitic graphemic
comparability does not entail phonological identity.
All the best,
Frank Polak

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