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I thought no-one challenged that polygamy was perfectly acceptable in 
the hebrew community. Saying that kings were exceptions is unfounded
as Isreal's kings sat on yah's throne and were therefore an example to 
the community. Although, you could say that it was easier for the wealthy 
to be able to support more than one wife.

In fact no christian scripture speaks directly against polygamy, except 
for perhaps Paul's letter to Timothy were overseers of the flock are 
described as having to be husbands of *one* wife. It is likely that 
monogamy was forced into christian thought by the roman influence.

Also Islam, which is largely based on mosaic traditions, accepts multiwived 
families and so personally I see no reason whatsoever to doubt that such 
was acceptable under the mosaic law covenant. 

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I'll be the first to admit that my expertise lies in language, not
historical anthropology, but why is everyone so quick to assume that
the ancient Hebrews were monogamous in the light of so much evidence
to the contrary.  Indeed, polygamy survived in common practice until
last century in many parts of the Jewish world.  It seems to be taken
for granted in the Torah.  And the leaders of Ashkenaz some 1,000
years ago specifically tried to put an end to polygamy.

-Joel M. Hoffman
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