[b-hebrew] Joshua 21 : 36-37

Martin Arhelger arhelger at gmx.de
Thu Oct 13 06:15:52 EDT 2005

It is generally known that the Verses 36 and 37 of Joshua 21 are lacking in
the old and best manuscripts and editions of the masoretic text.

Now my questions:

1) Who is able to send a picture (jpg or something else) of the Codex
Leningradensis covering these verses? (I have a picture of the codex Aleppo
and of the 2nd Bomberg edition 1524-25 of the masoretic text in Joshua 21,
but I have no picture of Codex L.)

2) Are there discussions in the Talmud etc. about the lack of theses verses?
How did the Masoretes explain the omission of the verses?

3) Are there other verses or parts of verses in the Hebrew Bible which are
lacking in the best masoretic manuscripts?

Thank you!

Martin Arhelger

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