[b-hebrew] Initial "Beged Kefet" consonants always have a...

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Tue Oct 11 16:30:24 EDT 2005

> For example, in Rivka, the Koof is a double Kappa.

Nope. Double k is in Rebekka, not Rivka spelling. A common post-tonic 
gemination. Greeks habitually changed the accent from final (Riv'kA) to 
penultimate (RivEkka).

> In Keturah, the Koof is a Chi.  In Cain, the Koof is a single Kappa.

Unstressed syllable in Keturah, stressed in Cain. Of course, stressed 
syllable calls for plosive or, at any rate (a not to Peter), loss of 
aspiration, or (another nod to Peter) prevention of aspiration.

> In Milca, the Kaf is a Chi.

Unstressed in Greek; stress on the first.

Masoretes, Joel, wrote what they heard. And did so astonishingly correctly.

Vadim Cherny 

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