[b-hebrew] Where to Get a Good Hebrew OT

Jon Hjorleifur Stefansson jonhjorleifur at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 10:51:22 EDT 2005

Hello everyone.
 I didn't mean Mikra'ot Gedolot but just the OT text itself - that will be
good enough to start with. What version/edition would you recommend? I was
thinking of Meir Leteris (published by the British and Foreign Bible
Society). I have been told that there are two lines of mss: From Ben Chayyim
in 1524-25 and then another school based on Aleppo and others. Could
somebody please explain that to me (is that wrong, right or what?) or refer
me to some mss "family tree" on the web? I just want to be informed so that
I can know what there is to choose from. Thank you very much for answering
these beginner questions, and maybe I'll drop in a question/comment later on
when I know some Hebrew myself.
Jon H. Stefansson.

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