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Your statement about the uniqueness of direction of flow of the Nile 
may be a surprise to those familiar with the MacKenzie in Canada, the 
Eel in California, and the Yenisey in Siberia, to name a few 
other "south-to-north" rivers.  Of course, these other rivers have no 
impact on your hypothesis about Ptolemaic cartographers.

Paul Zellmer

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Date: Monday, October 10, 2005 3:15 pm
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> Nile is the only river in the world that flows south-to-north. 
> Ptolemaic 
> cartographer had every reason to assume that Nile is like any 
> other river, 
> flowing north-to-south, and so (looking at the map) that it splits 
> into four 
> (splitting in the direction of its flow), not joined from the four.
> Tanakh has only one Cush, populated by blacks. Cush, son of Ham.
> Vadim Cherny
> > First, what does the text actually say?  It says there was
> > one river that flowed through Eden which then split up into
> > four rivers.  This is opposite the situation with Nile
> > where many rivers, including four bearing the name Nile
> > come together, not split apart.  Nor does it occur in
> > Mesopotamia, or indeed anywhere in the world.   This was
> > discussed in some detail a few months ago in May.
> >
> > While it is true that KW# is applied to Ethopia however it
> > also applies to at least two other locales, southern Arabia
> > and the land of the Kassites.   Dr. Head made a very
> > interesting presentation of this in May thread.
> HH: There may be more than one Cush in the Bible.
> The one in Genesis may be an Asian Cush, not the
> African Cush. Here is the HAL entry for the word:
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