[b-hebrew] prepositions and grammar

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Mon Oct 10 15:05:03 EDT 2005

>>In case you didn't understand, let me try to be clearer.  Hebrew needs
>>L after "become" for grammatical reasons.  (And I'm pretty sure that
>>you know enough Hebrew to know that.) ...
> Moreover, for the same grammatical reasons that Russian requires an 
> instrumental case after "become" (стать). I'm pretty sure Vadim knows 
> enough Russian to know that. In fact I think Hebrew L- often corresponds 
> to this usage of the Russian instrumental indicating a resultant or 
> temporary state.

Nope. Instrumental is b. L is dative, and indicates not result (which is b) 
but moving in the direction of that result, perhaps even coming very close 
(thus my suggested reading 'similar, but not the same.')
To help you with Russian, 'become' may have an object in other cases, just 
use prepositions; e.g., become as (nominal), become similar to (daitve).

Vadim Cherny 

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