[b-hebrew] consonant vowel order of )EHYEH & YAHWEH

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Mon Oct 10 12:14:50 EDT 2005


To try to test my theory that Hebrew originally had only a 
CV structure, and those at the end of words were usually 
unstressed, I tried reading out loud in Hebrew adding an 
unstressed "e" (short e) at the ends of words that did not 
end in vowels, and the stresses almost automatically fell 
on what is now the ending syllable. Now it could be that 
that is just idiosyncratic to me, but I found it was a result 
that I did not expect.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> On 09/10/2005 02:48, Matthew Guest wrote:
>... All of the words should
> be stressed on the latter syllable.
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