[b-hebrew] Amos 1:1 Earth Quake

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Mon Oct 10 03:45:30 EDT 2005

Dear Clay,

>Hi, I'm back with a history question.
>What do the historians on b-hebrew have to say about about the earth
>quake in Amos 1:1? Does Zechariah 14:5 make reference to the same event?

HH: Yes, it was the same earthquake. On the basis of archeological 
findings it is dated to 760 B.C. (Yadin et al., Hazor II, 24-26, 
36-37, as cited in Jeffrey Niehaus, Amos [T. E. McComiskey, ed. The 
Minor Prophets {Grand Rapids: Baker, 1992}] 336).

				Harold Holmyard

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