[b-hebrew] Eden & Cush

tladatsi at charter.net tladatsi at charter.net
Sun Oct 9 23:45:31 EDT 2005

First, what does the text actually say?  It says there was 
one river that flowed through Eden which then split up into 
four rivers.  This is opposite the situation with Nile 
where many rivers, including four bearing the name Nile 
come together, not split apart.  Nor does it occur in 
Mesopotamia, or indeed anywhere in the world.   This was 
discussed in some detail a few months ago in May. 

While it is true that KW# is applied to Ethopia however it 
also applies to at least two other locales, southern Arabia 
and the land of the Kassites.   Dr. Head made a very 
interesting presentation of this in May thread.

Jack Tladatsi

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