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Dear James,

>Although we don't know for certainty what the rivers Gihon and Pishon
>were we do have a rather large clue. We are told that the river Gihon
>encircled the entire land of Cush. So what is this land Cush? Both LXX
>and Vulgate translate as Ethiopia. Now even by a long stretch of the
>imagination could there be a river issuing from babel which become the
>Tigris and the Euphrates and then another that split off down past Egypt
>and around Ethiopia.
>As for the Pishon we are told that it encircles a land with good gold,
>bdellium gum and onyx. Can these presious goods be found naturally in
>the near East?

HH: There may be more than one Cush in the Bible. 
The one in Genesis may be an Asian Cush, not the 
African Cush. Here is the HAL entry for the word:

I ku®sû: n.top., Sept. Aithiopia, Aithiopes; 
Cush   }eres‡ k, surrounded by g‰iyh‡o®n Gn 213; 
oldest of the b‰§ne® h‡a¦m 106 1C 18; b‰§ne® k‰ 
Gn 107 1C 19; father of nimro¦d‰ Gn 108 (? = 
*k‰iysû, Dhorme Recueil 283; Albright Recent 
Discoveries (1955):29: Babylonian city RLV 
6:364f.) 1C 110; melek‰ k 2K 199/Is 379; abode of 
Jewish diaspora Is 1111; parallel with mis‡rayim 
Is 203-5 433 4514 Ezk 304.9 Ps 6832; nahƒre® k‰ 
Is 181 Zeph 310, parallel with pu®tˆ Jr 469 Nah 
39 Ezk 305 385, parallel with p‰§lesûet× w§s‡o®r 
Ps 874; place where p‰itˆd‰a® is found Jb 2819; 
extreme limit :: s§we¦ne® Ezk 2910, :: ho¦ddu® 
Est 11 89; location varies: -1. Bab. Ku¦s¥u, Ass. 
K’su, EA (VAB 2:1100f.; BASOR 95:33) OPers. 
Ku¦s¥a, Eg. K}s¥: the lands of the Nile in 
southern Egypt, meaning Nubia and Northern Sudan 
(TSäve-Söderberg Nubien; Janssen BiOr. 8:213ff.; 
Simons Geog. §58; -2. Gn 107 1C 19, the country 
bordering the southern Red Sea (KBL; ZAW 
55:168f.); -3. in the East 28 (!): a) the land of 
the Kas¥s¥u, Kossaioi along the Araxes (Delitzsch 
Paradies 51ff., 72ff.; Speiser Fschr. Friedrich 
475); b) vast area in the south, reaching far to 
the east Hölscher Erdkarten 40ff.
	Der. I ku®sû–î. Ý

				Harold Holmyard

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