[b-hebrew] Question from an Icelandic Beginner

Jon Hjorleifur Stefansson jonhjorleifur at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 08:59:11 EDT 2005

Hello everyone!
 My name is Jón Hjörleifur Stefánsson, and I am interested in studying
Hebrew. I thought this might be the right place to pose a question: I am
looking for Mikra'ot Gedelot / 2nd Rabbinic Bible 1524-5 ed. by Ben Chayyim.
The closest I have gotten is Meir Leteris. I found the following on the site
of the Foreign Ministry of Israel:
 The editions of the Bible best known to most Israelis are usually those
published in Hebrew, by the English missionary bible societies, which
flourished in the 19th century. These editions are not at all bad. The first
ones were edited by the Jewish scholar, Meir Leteris (1800-1871), and were
first published in London in 1852.

The work was continued for the English Bible Society by David Christian
Ginsburg, a Jewish convert to Christianity, who settled in England and whose
life's work was the editing of the Hebrew Bible according to the Mesorah (a
series of rules for preserving the correct version of the script). The
Bibles were often published as dual-language editions, with each page in
Hebrew facing a page in the language of the country to which the book was

These editions were published in more copies than any other book in the
history of Hebrew publishing, and perhaps in the history of publishing in
general. They were of high quality, in a handy format which was easy to
read, on thin, strong paper, durable but lightweight, which came to be
called "Bible paper," and were bound in strong, handsome bindings.
So the line goes: Ben Chayyim - Leteris - Ginsburg. So if I would buy, say
1920 or sth edition of Leteris I would be getting the closest copy of the
1524-5 text? Since I don't even understand Hebrew (yet) it doesn't matter if
it's not completely the same. I would just be happy knowing that I have
something close.
 Thank you very much,
Jón Hjörleifur Stefánsson.

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