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Sorry for jumping in so late in the convo, but it seems to me that no one is ignoring the preposition here.  What I find is that whenever you have HAYAH + L: = Become.

If you look at any of the examples given by Michael Abernathy, I think you will discover the pattern.

Exodus 4:3 WAY:HIY L:NAXA$ = and it became a serpent.

Joshua 7:5 WAY:HIY L:MAYIM = and the heart of the people became water.

Judges 1:33  WB"YT `A:NAT HAYW LAHEM LAMAS =  and Beth Anath became forced labor for them.

Ruth 4:13 VAYYIQAX BO`AZ ET RWT VATT:HIY-LW = and Boaz took Ruth and she became to him.

So, I don't think anyone is ignoring anything, just noticing a pattern. That HAYAH + L: = Become.

Kelton Graham 
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