[b-hebrew] Question about Suffixes on Infinitive Construct

Jerry Shepherd jerry.shepherd at taylor-edu.ca
Wed Oct 5 16:18:32 EDT 2005

List Members,


I have told a Hebrew exegesis class I am teaching that suffixes on the
infinitive construct are much more likely to be subject rather than
object, and that this is especially the case with a beth or kaph
prefixed preposition, but that with a lamed preposition the suffix is
more likely to be an object.  I've looked in several grammars (Kittel,
Lambdin, Weingreen, Greenberg, Jouon-Muraoka, Arnold and Choi, van der
Merwe, etc.), and I think I have fairly represented the case, but I'm
wondering if anyone on the list might have a better feel than I do with
regard to some kind of percentage with regard to subject vs. object.


Jerry Shepherd


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