[b-hebrew] prepositions and grammar

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Tue Oct 4 14:35:09 EDT 2005

So you suggest to ignore prepositions when convenient? Next, shall we ignore 

Vadim Cherny

> >4) "became a living soul" ignores the preposition le, "became for a 
> >living soul."
> I'm joining this argument in the middle, but let me point out that the
> preposition "L" here should not be translated "for."  Rather, the
> preposition is a consequence of Hebrew grammar.  In a language such as
> English, in which the grammar does not require a preposition, the word
> is best left untranslated.
> It is a common mistake to translate grammatical elements into semantic
> ones, or vice versa.
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