[b-hebrew] Who is Ptgyh of Ekron Inscription again?

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Mon Oct 3 08:23:06 EDT 2005

Dear All,
In a previous massage I suggested that Ptgyh is not a goddes name but a
dicription of
the goddess whch contains the name of the people whom they worshiped her.

Now, if *Ptgyh* is not the name of Ekron goddess, then what is the real name
of the Noble Lady of the Tagayah people?

We can't tell about her, but we can guess. Our guessing is sending us to
Derketo, the goddess of Ashkelnon as we have told by Doidorus. But what is
the name Derketo means indeed?**

I thing Derketo is the Greek corruption of Terqeto. Terqeto, or Terq, is a
word from Taiy language according Arabic dictionaries. It means: the palm
tree. If this is right, then the Palm tree is the mother goddess of Tagayah

It seems to me that Baalzebub is the consort of Derketo- Terqeto. Classical
Arabic sources may help in clarifying Baalzebub problem. In these sources
there is a mouse called: *Zibab*. Its name was still alive in Arabia until
after Islam. We are suggesting that the Arabian Zibab is the OT Baalzebub
and the Ugaritian Ilzeboba. This Zibab has not been listed in the Arabian
gods. Because it is very ancient, it has been forgotten as a deity keeping
its symbol, its materialization, the mouse, alive until after Islam. What
remained from this god according to these sources is:

 *"a red, giant, thick haired, roping mouse"*

* *

If the equation between Zibab and Baalzebub is right it means that the mouse
is Baalzebub animal. We have a confirmation from the O.T that Ekron
Baalzebub might be connected to the mouse and to the palm tree, like the
Arabian Zibab. In Samuel, when the Philistine captured the Ark of Covenant
they suffered from tumors. To recover from them they have been asked to set
tumor and mice sculptures in the Ark before sending it back.

The question is*: *why do they have been asked to set mice in the Ark?

The answer is this: because the mouse is the symbol of Beelzebub. And why
the mice must be golden ones? The answer is because the mouse of Baalzebub
is a gold- red one.

Why then they have been asked to set tumors also? It is really a strange
request! The answer is this: they have been asked to set palm trees images
not tumors!

The word tumor in Hebrew is (*Tchorim*). This word is coming from Taiy
Language. Troqin (Terochin in Arabic) is the plural of Terq, Terqeto or
Terouq. All these have the same meaning: the palm tree.

When the Editors of The Old Testament faced this word they did not
understand it, because it is not a Hebrew word. Tamar is the Hebrew word for
the palm tree. So they change it a little bit to be understood by them: *
Trochim* became *Tchorim*, and the palm tree turned into tumor! Accordingly,
what have been set in the Ark was*: *the* *images of mice (Baalzebub) and
the images of palm trees (the consort of Baalzebub: Terqeto).

In Arabic sources there a certain and famous palm tree called: *Um-Jurdan *(the
rats palm tree). It seems that this is a title of Terqeto. Her rats are the
rats of Ziba-Baalzebub.

Now, we think that *Atargates* of north Syria is also Terqeto. The deference
is the adding of the Arabic definite article:* Atterqeto: *the palm tree.

It looks that we have a confirmation that Taiy was connected, like the
Philistine of the OT, to the mice and to the palm tree. In his record of the
myth of Taiy settling in Najd Mountains, Yaqut Al-Hamawi, in his Dictionary
of Cities, told us that when Taiy approached the mountains they found a lot
of fertility. The palm trees were bearing dates heavily:

 *"and there was mice inside the dates. They started eating the dates with
the mice. Some of them said: oh, the deed is much sweater than the alive"*

* *

Clearly, this is a ritual meal. Taiy were eating their deities in a
festival: Terqeto (dates) and Baalzebub (mice) or Tchorim and mice.

 Almandine in his book Proverbs confirms this. He speaks about the date of
Um-Jurdan saying:

 * "a kind of date they said it resemble the mouse in its shape"*

* *

Mor than that Ibn Abbad id telling us that there a kind of date called:
Jurdan (rats).

The fruit is, at the same time, is dates and mice, and when Taiy ate dates
they both of them, because the dates are taking the form of the mouse.

If this all is right, then the goddess of Ashkelon, Ekron, and most probably
other cities, was: Terqeto = Derketo. She was the mother goddess of the
Pelest. So, the real name of the Nobel one of Tigayah people (Ptgyh =
Petigayah) is: Terqeto =Derketo. She is the consort of Baalzebub.

Lastly, Beelzebub is not related to the flies anymore. Its name is taken
from the Arabian radical (zbb) which means: hair. He is the hairy god* *or
the* *god with the thick hair, not the Lord of the Flies! Because of that
his mouse Zibab is a hairy one in Arabic sources. Connecting it with the
flies is the result of the try to interpret a non Hebrew word by the Hebrew
dictionary. The root zbb in Hebrew is equal to the root dbb (d her is like
the in English) which means move a wing, a fan or a tail.

On the other hand, I think it is quite possible that Baalzebub has been
identified with Elijah. This prophet, who prevented the messenger of Ahazia
from reaching Baalzebub to consult him about the king's sickness, has been
described as: Ish Ball S'ar. It seems to me that Ball S'ar is the
translation of Baal Zebub (the Hairy God). So, Elijah is also a Lord of the
Hair, or a Hairy God! We can not exclude this possibility especially when we
see that the whole story is a about Baalzebub and his prophesying power!
Some people thought that he is a god of medicine, because he was consulted
about Ahazia sickness. I do not think that. Ahazia wanted his prophecy
rather than his medicine.

We have to notice that the root *terq *in Arabic means: palm tree and
prophesying. In the mean time, there is in Aljahith in Alhayawan (the
Animals) told us that in his time there was a group of people in Baghdad
whom work depends on mice nibbling. They used to look at any piece of cloth
nibbled by the mice and make their prophecy according to it. This would
support that Ahazia was asking for the prophecy of Baalzebub. An additional
note: the Semitic root of the name Ahazia *(hz) *means prophesying also! The
*Hazi* in Arabic means at the same time the one who gives prophecies or the
one who figures out how much dates the palm trees are bearing. It seems that
the whole story belongs to Mice and dates.

More than that the capturing of the Ark is may be connected to the mouse of
Baalzebub. As we mentioned before, he is a famous *thief* and *roper*. There
must be as ritual roping connected to him. May be its aim is to (steal) the
fertility and to bring it early. Capturing the Ark may be is just a
reflection of this ritual tradition, not more than that.

In the end, if these materials don't belong to Ptgyh- and I think it they
do- it will be a try to decode the main elements of Beelzebub cult.

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