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On 5/29/05, James Cohen <james_cohen at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> A while back you posted the following message:
> The ancient Hebrew maxim states: "He who cites his
> sources brings redwemption to the world". I believe
> there is also the opposite maxim.
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> Jonathan D. Safren
> I was trying to track down the source of that maxim.
> I think it is in the Talmud somewhere as a way to
> achieve tikkun olam, i.e. stitching up the world after
> it had shattered -- in the Kabalist's image.  When I
> typed as much of the quote as I could remember into
> Google you were the only hit.  Can you help me
> identify the tractate or, if not the Talmud, another source?

See here:
"And whosoever says a saying in the name of its
sayer brings redemption to the world [As it says in Esther 2,
And Esther said to the king in the name of Mardochai]"

Bavli, Nida 19b, brought by R' Yosi

Bavli, Megila 15a, brought by R' Hanina with Esther reference

Bavli, Hulin 104b brought by R' Yosi with Esther reference

Yitzhak Sapir

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