[b-hebrew] Repairs if your Internet Explore (or Avant browser) was damaged by Netscape 8.

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Fri May 27 16:07:51 EDT 2005

At 21:44 26/05/2005, Christopher V. Kimball wrote:

>Downloading Netscape 8 ruined Internet Explorer's display of the 
>Unicode/XML Tanach on my system for the last week.
>"kenbodensteiner" posted a repair on the webmasterworld.com bulletin 
>board. (http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum26/162-1-10.htm#msg5)  If 
>you're experiencing problems with Internet Explorer  6 (or the Avant 
>browser) because you downloaded Netscape 8, see this link or contact me 
>off-list for easy repair instructions.*


Today saw an article posted to http://itrain.org/itinfo/

Microsoft Corp. is urging Windows XP users to uninstall the new Netscape  8
webbrowser because it can conflict with Microsoft  Internet  Explorer.  Not
surprisingly, Microsoft is claiming that  the  problem  is  with  Netscape,
rather than their own browser that invades the operating system like kudzu.

The problem may only affect a very small number of users, and it is limited
to displaying RSS  (real  simple  syndication)  data,  not  general-purpose
webpages. The folk at America Online, Netscape's owner reported today  that
a patch will be released next week.

Dave's Opinion The potential conflict doesn't affect security, and I'm  not
surprised that Microsoft will do a bit of  the  crying  wolf  in  order  to
create negative publicity for any competing product.

I suggest that users don't play into Microsoft's consternation and  instead
move straight to Mozilla Firefox, a stable, fast webbrowser  with  hundreds
of  optional  extensions  that  allow  users  to  customize  the  browser's

Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [ Bray, Ireland ]
mauros at iol.ie

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