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>Hi everybody.
>What are the helpful books/ websites that could help me understanding the 
>massoretic notes?

Initially, have a look at one of the guides to BHS, such as:
Wonnenberger, Reinhard. Understanding BHS: a Manual for the Users of Biblia 
Hebraica Stuttgartiensis. Subsidia biblica - 8. Rome: P.B.I, 1990.
or:  William Scott: Simplified Guide to BHS

Later on, when you want to go into greater detail, these two books should 
be a help:

Kelley, Page H., and Daneil S. Mynatt, eds. The Masorah of B.H.S. Grand 
Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998.

Yeivin, Israel. Introduction to the Tiberian Masorah. 5. Masoretic Studies, 
Orlinsky, Harry M. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1980.



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