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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Wed May 18 13:18:08 EDT 2005

To All:

It looks as if I have to eat humble pie. It may not be the SBL font after all, but Mr. Kimball’s XML coding.

First of all, for you Macintosh owners, there is an update for OS X.4 to X.4.1. Free download.

The following are what I found while using the Safari browser:

http://www.mechon-mamre.org/c/ct/c0.htm has all sorts of lines, dots and squiggles that I don’t recognize. Presumably those are the cantillation marks.

http://verboomen.starline-inc.de/d11.php2xml?sfr=1&prq=1 is an XML site which also demands the SBL font, yet it displays normally on Safari, including all the points. Safari interprets at least some XML code correctly. Its unicode support is superior to Camino. Though the site demands the SBL font, it rendered well in Safari with Macintosh Hebrew fonts.

http://kodesh.snunit.k12.il/i/t/t0.htm now demands a plug-in, which it says that Safari lacks, but it still displays the vowel points.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/tan/index.htm has about the simplest html coding of all the sites, displays the text with all points.

Now to the trouble sites:

http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/ipb-e/tanach/readme.html demanded a special font to be downloaded, but when I did so, the font resource built into Mac OS claimed the font is faulty, therefore refused to install it. I was unable to read this site. The faulty font is a Mosaic font.

http://www.cvkimball.com/Tanach/Tanach.xml where the Safari browser interprets the XML as redefining the font information, with the result that the text is unreadable in Safari. (I don’t know XML, but the section from which I exerpted a short snippet, I interpreted as remapping font information.) Seeing as Safari interpreted both the SBL font information and the XML coding correctly above, I suspect that it is the XML that is causing the problem here.

Hopefully, this will put this discussion to bed. And Peter, please forgive my impugning the SBL font while working from incomplete information.

Karl W. Randolph.

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