[b-hebrew] Westminister Leningard Codex version differences.

Christopher V. Kimball mail at cvkimball.com
Wed May 18 08:28:19 EDT 2005

The Westminister Leningrad Codex (WLC) at the Unicode/XML Tanach site 
was upgraded (on 29 Apr 2005) to the WLC version of  20 Apr 2005 from 
the version of 5 March 2004.  A summary and details of the upgrade is 
available at


The upgrade contains 1441 changes in morphological divisions, 56 changes 
in vowelization, 1 change in accents, 1 change in transcription notes, 
and 1 change in transcription note value.  A maqaf-connected word in 
Jeremiah 28:12 was split and a transcription note added.

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