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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed May 18 06:35:46 EDT 2005

On 18/05/2005 02:09, Heard, Christopher wrote:

> Christopher,
> I'm using a Macintosh, with OS X.4 (Tiger) and Safari browser. I can  
> view all sorts of Israeli sites in Unicode Hebrew with no problem,  
> but your Unicode/XML Tanach gives me gibberish.
The difference may be that almost all of the "all sorts of Israeli sites 
in Unicode Hebrew" are unpointed or almost unpointed Hebrew, which is 
displayed OK with almost all modern browsers, but Chris K's site offers 
a fully pointed and cantillated text. Displaying the latter is a much 
harder problem, and I don't know if anyone has yet solved it properly 
for the Mac. (I await confirmation from Karl that there are any fully 
pointed and cantillated sites which appear correctly on his Mac.) SBL 
Hebrew and Ezra SIL have more or less solved the problem for Windows only.

Peter Kirk
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