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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Tue May 17 23:02:11 EDT 2005


I have exactly the same problem as Chris.

Looking at your page source, what’s this set of code?


What does this do? Or more accurately, what is it supposed to do?

Why not just do something simple, like this site?
There its KISS design works well with any browser. Its html coding is simple yet bulletproof.

When I looked at the source code for your site in Safari, it can render the individual words, including the Hebrew ones. Maybe you are right, that Safari cannot render XML code. But while Safari can read the source code for your pages, it cannot read the pages themselves. Weird. (not you, just the situation)

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Heard, Christopher" <Christopher.Heard at pepperdine.edu>
> Christopher,
> I'm using a Macintosh, with OS X.4 (Tiger) and Safari browser. I 
> can  view all sorts of Israeli sites in Unicode Hebrew with no 
> problem,  but your Unicode/XML Tanach gives me gibberish.
> Chris
> On May 17, 2005, at 5:30 PM, Christopher V. Kimball wrote:
> >
> > Does the Unicode/XML Tanach at
> >
> > http://www.cvkimball.com/Tanach/Tanach.xml
> >
> > really display better on non-Windows machines if Ezra SIL is 
> > used?   I this were true,  I'll put in an option
> > to switch fonts.  Please let me know.
> >
> > (For those that have the site off-line, change the "fontfamily"  
> > xsl:variable to be "Ezra SIL" instead of "SBL Hebrew" on
> > line 60 of the Tanach.xsl.xml file to change to Ezra SIL. )
> >
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