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To make it even more interesting, in 2 Samuel 6, whose house was the ark in when David decided to bring it to Jerusalem?

Further, how old was Samuel when he started judging Israel? How long did he judge Israel? In other words, does the verse refer not to the time that the Ark of the Covenant was in Gibeah, but the time that Samuel was judge over Israel?

My reading is that the verse refers to Samuel’s judgeship over Israel, and the events listed subsequently were events that occured during that 20 years. Of course, I may have overlooked something, so what do others on this list say?

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Can someone enlighten me on the chronological implications of 1 
> Samuel 7:2, in context? Should the last part of the verse, and the 
> subsequent events, be understood as following the start of the 20 
> year period, or following the end of it? Or is it ambiguous?
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