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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Sun May 15 00:41:41 EDT 2005


Not only the email clients, but some OS are not unicode aware yet.

Many people are still running older versions  of Windows™ on their computers, which are not unicode compliant. Until recently I was running OS 9 on my 11 year old Macintosh, which had separately installed language packs—the Hebrew which I had installed could read and write the consonants, but some of the vowels threw it for a loop. Now it’s running OS X.2 which is better.

I understand that WindowsXP is Unicode aware so you can use it to read Hebrew, but I don’t know how to use it to type Hebrew.

The latest versions of GNOME and KDE on Linux are unicode aware, at least for reading. But I haven’t tried them for writing Hebrew. But some people running Linux prefer using text based shells which are ASCII only.

On the web things are not as clean. From a Macintosh, those versions requiring a SBL font do not look good in either Camino or Safari browsers. It doesn’t matter which font I use, the SBL font actually makes the pages look worse. However, the texts on the Snunit and Mechon-Mamre sites look good in Safari (at least the verses I spot checked), even with full cantillation pointing, and the same in Camino as the versions requiring the SBL font without using the SBL font. I’m using the latest versions of both programs on OS X.4 Tiger. Downloaded .pdf versions have the points correctly positioned.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Heard, Christopher" <Christopher.Heard at pepperdine.edu>
> Steve,
> My e-mail client is Unicode aware (and apparently yours is too, if  
> you're seeing the Hebrew characters). I use Mac OS X ... I just  
> change to a Hebrew keyboard, type it in, then switch back to an  
> American keyboard for the rest.
> You might check the archives of the list ... we had a discussion  
> about the (de)merits of Unicode in posts some time back. Not  
> everybody has Unicode-aware mail readers at this point.
> Chris
> On May 13, 2005, at 1:24 PM, Steve Miller wrote:
> > Chris,
> > how do you get the Hebrew letters in a plain-text email message? I  find it
> > much easier to read than the transliteration code. thanks,
> > -Steve Miller
> > Detroit
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Heard, Christopher" <Christopher.Heard at pepperdine.edu>
> >
> >
> > According to Gen 2:11, the Pishon "is the one that surrounds" or "is
> > the one that flows around" [Heb הוא הסבב = HW) HSBB] the whole
> > land of Havilah.

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