[b-hebrew] Eden & Rivers - Genesis 2:10

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My e-mail client is Unicode aware (and apparently yours is too, if  
you're seeing the Hebrew characters). I use Mac OS X ... I just  
change to a Hebrew keyboard, type it in, then switch back to an  
American keyboard for the rest.

You might check the archives of the list ... we had a discussion  
about the (de)merits of Unicode in posts some time back. Not  
everybody has Unicode-aware mail readers at this point.


On May 13, 2005, at 1:24 PM, Steve Miller wrote:

> Chris,
> how do you get the Hebrew letters in a plain-text email message? I  
> find it
> much easier to read than the transliteration code. thanks,
> -Steve Miller
> Detroit
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> According to Gen 2:11, the Pishon "is the one that surrounds" or "is
> the one that flows around" [Heb הוא הסבב = HW) HSBB] the whole
> land of Havilah.
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