[b-hebrew] Channels, Rivers, & Heads

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Jack, Yigal, et al.,

On May 12, 2005, at 10:14 PM, <tladatsi at charter.net>  
<tladatsi at charter.net> wrote:
> The point about *heads* is interesting.  Persumably the
> Hebrew term *head* of a river corresponds with the English
> word *mouth* of a river.  This does not change anything as
> the single river in Eden is still the headwaters of four
> rivers with different *heads/mouths*.  The *tails* of these
> rivers still lead the ancient and modern reader to eastern
> Turkey.

While I don't have any real reason to doubt Yigal's claim on this  
point (and Eden would still be the place where the rivers *separate*  
as narrated in Genesis 2), I would like to have some justification  
for it. By "justification" I mean actual attested uses where the  
"head" of the river is where it empties into some other larger body  
of water rather than its source. It would help me sleep better at  
night. :-)


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