[b-hebrew] Four Rivers of Eden - Genesis 2

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>> The
>> minor detail that the headwaters of these rivers are
>> actually many miles apart and do not share a literal common
>> source would be known to very few and be of interest to
>> even fewer.
> Jack: I actually don't think it's a minor point at all, and I thank  
> you again for making it. Please see my other post on this subject for  
> why I think the narrator describes an impossible geography on purpose  
> assuming that readers will know the geography is impossible.
But would the readers have known that the geography was impossible? It 
seems to me that very few would have done, and so that the author's 
purpose would not have been very effective. In fact it is most unlikely 
that the author was aware of this either. More likely, his geographical 
knowledge was no better than that of his contemporaries, and he believed 
or speculated that these four rivers had a common source.

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