[b-hebrew] Re: Eden's Four Rivers

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu May 12 09:18:03 EDT 2005

On Thursday 12 May 2005 03:24, Walter R. Mattfeld wrote:
> Dear Jack,
> The problem with Turkey is that the biblical text suggests a single river
> became four. While the Tigris and Euphrates do originate in Turkey they are
> NOT branches of a single river.
> I _reject_ the Christian "apologetic" notion that there was a worldwide
> Noahic flood that destroyed the ancient pre-flood watercourses of the river
> of Eden and its four headwaters. Archaeology has established the
> Mesopotamian flood story is placed at Shuruppak. 

Wrong, Walter.  Archaeology has established that there was A flood at 
Shuruppak that was local.  Archaeology can never establish whether that 
particular flood had anything at all to do with the biblical flood story.  
That connection is a leap of faith on your part, nothing more.  Please be 
careful to separate actual archaeological facts from interpretive 

Dave Washburn
Reality is what refuses to go away when
you stop believing in it.

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