[b-hebrew] Is write..on..heart simply an idiom

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>   Since the listserver seems to be in "dissertation" mode of late, my
> dissertation at Cornell University was on the distinctive dialect of the
> book of Jeremiah. The book displays a very idosyncratic dialect (which,
> curiously, has very few isoglosses with the books commonly associated
> with the Deuteronomistic school) and and a substantial number of lexical
> features unique to the book.
> I would concur with your opinion that the use of `al leb in Jeremiah
> should be treated as an idiom.
> Colin Smith
> colin at s-m-i-t-h.com


Looking at Jeremiah from another view, he did not write in an idiosyncratic dialect, rather the differences between his writing and Deuteronomy reflect 800 years of language change from the time Deuteronomy was written to the time that Jeremiah wrote his book. But then you probably wouldn’t have gotten your PhD had you acknowledged that teaching.

Karl W. Randolph.

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